Properties of polypropylene

Polypropylene is a type of polymer that has important qualities, including an elevated peak load, low density, good thermal and abrasion resistance. Rossi Imballaggi is a leading company in the production of industrial packaging, boasting almost 60 years of industry experience.


Our production of PP packaging

Initially founded as Saccheria Rossi, Rossi Imballaggi in Casale Monferrato in the province of Alessandria, produces:

• polypropylene bags with open top - spout
• raschel bags, poly mesh bags, leno mesh bags
• polypropylene tops
• jute fibre bags and reels
TNT bags

Personalised polypropylene bags

Polypropylene bags have an almost infinite range of applications and can be used to hold any type of product; they are available in different sizes and different types, and can include accessories with tubes or gussets, stitched spout or with insulation, flat bottom with single or double stitch, filling valve and more still, available upon request. Finally, bags can be personalised by printing your company logo or writing, even in four-colour BOPP FILM according to your specific demands and needs.

Staff at Rossi Imballaggi is at your complete service, providing all information relative to polypropylene bags and other products in our catalogue. Contact details are shown in the dedicated section of the website.


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