Custom made packaging and bags

Rossi Imballaggi originated from Saccheria Rossi, founded in 1954, and just 40 years later in 1994 was converted into its current company structure. As well as boasting extensive experience in this sector, the company has a modern and flexible structure, capable of satisfying client requests rapidly, proposing personalised solutions for all needs.


Bulk Bags for all needs

The product range of Rossi Imballaggi, with offices in Casale Monferrato, in the province of Alessandria, includes:

• bulk bags
• polypropylene bags with open top and spout
• polypropylene tops

Jute fibre

Gunnysacks are bags made using jute fibre, presenting characteristics making these ideal for various types of products, such as natural foodstuffs. Gunnysacks in fact guarantee sturdiness, excellent breathability for products, and have an excellent capacity to absorb humidity.

Furthermore, gunnysacks made from jute fibre are completely biodegradable and therefore guarantee total respect for the environment, without contributing in any way to the deterioration of environmental conditions. Rossi Imballaggi is at your service to provide further information about gunnysacks in jute fibre and other products in their range.

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